How Much Will Certifications and Skills Boost Your Pay?
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We all know that learning new skills and earning certifications can result in a significant pay bump. But just how big is that bump? In its upcoming IT
Skills and Salary Report, training firm Global Knowledge crunched some data and produced a number that technologists might appreciate.

Specifically, for those technologists who attributed their latest salary raise to learning new skills, that raise was worth $12,000. For those who attributed their raise to new certification(s), the raise was $13,000. Compare that to the average IT professional raise of $5,000, and you can see how putting some effort into training can translate into significant compensation.

"Employees who add value to the organization are often rewarded for their performance," Global Knowledge wrote in a note announcing the report. "That's why adding new skills, especially in much-needed areas like cybersecurity and cloud computing, has major benefits. IT decision-makers are overwhelmed with skills gaps again this year, so any employee who is proactive in their skill…
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