How Pakistan controlled COVID-19 pandemic using Smart Lockdown and AI
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Advanced technology that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) as a national contribution to fight coronavirus. The users can easily install this application in their smartphones.
In the 21st century, COVID-19 is the first pandemic that spreads worldwide and affects major world's population. Thanks to technology and AI-powered projects that use machine learning to target a broad range of fields for outbreak assessment. The growing trend in COVID-19 cases is due to the sudden reopening of cities after a complete lockdown. It forced the Governors to pause the reopening or implement smart lockdown in hotspots for COVID-19.

Identification of COVID-19 hotspots empowered by technology

Technology helps to resist the spreading of the outbreak in the big cities for a potential attack of coronavirus. Pakistan's Planning Minister Asad Umar referred the use of technology for tracking and identifying pinpoint areas to impose smart lockdown there.

The Federal Government of Pakistan asked Dr. Umar Saif, CEO of SurveyAuto, to practice his technological expertise. He created a web portal that simplifies COVID-19 control by implementing smart lockdown after identifying hotspots. It provides real-time information that's easy to consolidate in one place.

Interestingly, one cannot calculate the actual number of rising patients via a single metric. For instance, the results may differ due to the three factors:

The number of tests increased at a particular time. Transmission rate increased. Both factors together can also result in rising COVID-19 patients.

NCOC strategy to identify COVID-19 hotspots

The National Command and Operations Centre (NCOC) detected 20 big cities at high risk of COVID-19. The pandemic already affected more than one million people countrywide. It identifies by using the strategy of testing, tracing, and quarantining (TTQ). The TTQ technique quickly checks for active coronavirus patients and efficiently quarantine that specific area. NCOC talked about the operationalization of oxygenated beds and further ventilators to support patients. Moreover, it asked the National Disaster Management Authority(NDMA) to provide on-time critical…
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