How to Better Use Your Fridge to Save on Food and Electricity
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Think you know how to use your refrigerator best so it (and your food) lasts longer? Think again! Here are some best practices to optimise your fridge usage...
Your refrigerator is the only appliance in your house that runs all the time even when you're not home. Which means it costs a lot of energy to run so it pays to be careful with how we use our fridge to maximise its efficiency.

Another important reason to know how to use our fridge right is to prevent food wastage. As we've covered before, saving on food is a major way to cut down on expenses and it's good for the environment too. Let's start with how to store your food…

Food Storage Tips

You can get some success just by tossing whatever that needs saving into the fridge in its own packaging, but know that there is more to storing food in the fridge than just that. Here are some tips to help make sure your food stays safe and tasty for longer.

Transfer to a Different, Smaller Container

When fridging an item, it's best to fit it in the smallest container possible for the food. Why? Because aeration promotes spoilage in most food items and keeping it airtight and compact also helps keep your fridge organised and easy to navigate.

Label Your Containers

Right after transferring into your smaller containers, slap on a masking tape and write down what you put it in, and the date it…
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