How to download and use Microsoft Teams for free
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Microsoft Teams isn't just for big organizations
Microsoft Teams is marketed primarily as business software, distributed as part of the Microsoft 365 family of products. Its popularity has grown immensely, and it's now the biggest direct competitor to Slack.

But while the main purpose of Microsoft Teams is to support remote business working and collaboration, it isn't totally out of reach for individuals and smaller groups. Microsoft has a free version of Teams that has plenty of features.

So, if you'd like to get started using Microsoft Teams, here's how to get it for free.

What you get in Microsoft Teams for free

As you would expect, the free version of Microsoft Teams is not exactly the same as the premium version, but it's hardly barebones either.

The free version provides access to the same text-based chat, audio, and video calling as the paid version, but you are limited to 100 participants. Meetings can currently be up to 24 hours in length, but this was a temporary measure introduced to help folks impacted by the global pandemic. This will eventually revert back to a maximum length of one hour. You cannot record…
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