How to Go to the Gym Before Work, According to Reddit
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Here's how to pack your toiletries, deal with stinky gym clothes, and have great-looking hair and makeup after the locker room.
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Exercising in the morning can make you feel great for the rest of the day, and we have tips on how to motivate yourself to want to exercise in the morning. But then you have to deal with the practical obstacles: D o you go straight from the gym to the office? What do you do with your stinky clothes, and how do you pack all the toiletries you might need? Fortunately, Reddit has answers.


Bring a bag for your stinky or wet gym clothes

Okay, first question: W hat do you do when you finish your morning workout and you're covered in sweat? Change out of those clothes, of course, and maybe take a shower.

"I keep two plastic grocery bags in my backpack at all times," says not_my_legal_name, "so that if I get particularly sweaty, I can toss my wet clothes in there (the other bag is for my shower sandals)."

Storage for clean clothes is another thing you'll have to work out. Packing cubes are one popular solution. There are also gym bags with waterproof compartments for wet or dirty clothes. A since-deleted user writes: "I use a gym bag with two compartments. Big compartment for clean clothes, small compartment for smelly clothes."

Several redditors mentioned that they'll dry out a towel on the back seat of their car, if they drive, or hang it in a locker or on a hook at work. If you have the space, these can be a great way to make sure the towel won't get moldy before you can wash it.

Rent a gym locker, if you can

Some gyms provide extra services for a fee. Two that are useful here: L ocker rental, and towel service.


With towel service, you can use the gym's towels…
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