How to make cake pops at home
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You can make cake pops at home with leftover cake, frosting, and melted candy for coating, and customize them depending on the occasion.
Cake pops are a hand-help dessert made from cake, frosting, and a candy or chocolate coating.

The key to great cake pops is finding the ideal ratio of cake to frosting.

You can make cake pops ahead of time for easy party prep.

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While a slice of cake or a cupcake can curb a craving, cake pops are a far more portable solution. These dainty treats offer a bite-sized way to enjoy cake and frosting, all wrapped up in a candy or chocolate coating. And there are no plates or utensils required.

There are a huge variety of flavor options to find the perfect bite. Plus, you can make them ahead of time and easily customize cake pops to fit any occasion from birthday parties to Halloween and Thanksgiving. And while these convenient confections take patience and some finesse to put together, you can still pull off making them at home.

Cake pop basics

Cake pops are made up of three main components — cake, frosting, and coating — which can each be customized to meet a variety of flavor profiles.

Cake: You can choose to use a boxed cake mix or bake your own cake from scratch. If you have leftover cake or a cake on the drier side, you can use that for your cake pops as well. Either way, it's going to be crumbled up and mixed with frosting.

Frosting: Frosting provides flavor for your cake pops, but it also acts as your glue for structure. You can choose canned frosting, or you can make a batch of your own. Making homemade frosting allows you to better control the consistency and makes it simpler to switch up the flavor.

The amount of frosting needed will depend on your cake's moisture content. If you've baked a very moist cake, you'll need less frosting…
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