How to remove a Microsoft account from Windows 11
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A Microsoft Account is the best way to experience Windows 11, but you can easily remove one after setup if you don't need it.
A Microsoft Account is one of the best ways to experience Windows 10 and Windows 11. It allows you to sync your settings across devices, download apps from the Microsoft Store, and a lot more.

Yet for those who might be coming from older versions of Windows, where you didn't need such logins, things might seem tricky. Microsoft is making it harder to avoid using a Microsoft Account by making it mandatory in Windows 11 Home. So. how do you remove the account? We're here to help you out.

Removing a Microsoft Account during a fresh setup

We'll start first with one of the most common scenarios you might face — removing a Microsoft Account after the process of a clean install or if you're setting up a new PC that you just purchased. This might be of issue in Windows 10 Home, as we hinted at the top of our introduction. The easiest way to get around this limit is to set up Windows with a Microsoft Account and then add a "local"…
Arif Bacchus
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