How To Tap Into Emotions Via Seasonal Marketing (And Why It Matters)
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By understanding the audience's "why" or main emotions during the holidays, you'll be able to build marketing strategies that boost trust and keep sales on track.
By Syed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site that helps small businesses start their websites.


Seasonal marketing refers to marketing that revolves around special holidays. As cultural and popular business events like Christmas or Black Friday come around, there's heightened excitement, which forms the perfect foil to support your marketing efforts.

Let's look at ways to add more punch to your seasonal marketing. And more specifically, how to leverage emotions to bring your brand to your audience's attention.

Start your marketing efforts early.

If you want to have an impactful and successful marketing campaign, then you need to build anticipation. And this means starting ahead of time and planning out your marketing campaigns.

Let's look at this on a step-by-step basis:

• Start by creating a content and marketing calendar. Making a yearly calendar for major events ensures that all the big holidays and events are planned for.

• Plan backward. If you want to get big sales on specific days, then think about what you need to do to get there. You need to build excitement for at least two weeks in advance and will also have to space out your email marketing and ad campaigns so that your audience isn't overwhelmed.

• To do that you need to plan, draft and finalize your content well ahead of the teaser phase to launch your marketing on time. This means getting your content done maybe a week to a month ahead of when you launch your campaign.

Timing is critical. Your seasonal campaign works because it's targeting a specific time of the year. And making sure that you're engaging your audience well beforehand is important.

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