How to track your IRS stimulus check with the Get My Payment app
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If you're still looking for your stimulus payment, we'll explain how to use the IRS tracking app to check its schedule status.
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You've been waiting for a month and a half for your stimulus payment, and it's still not shown up. If you haven't tried the IRS' online tracking tool to see the status of your money, now's the time. We'll explain how the tool, called Get My Payment, works, and how to use it. We'll even point you to other useful resources, including reasons why your check may be delayed or might not arrive at all.

Let's start with the basics. The IRS has, for six weeks now, been sending millions of American money as part of the CARES Act -- and that could include you. People who receive Veterans Affairs, Social Security, disability and Supplemental Security Income benefits are eligible to receive a check.

Using the tool isn't hard. You'll just have to enter some specific information and spend a few minutes online to get the status of your coronavirus relief money. After tracking your payment status with the IRS, you might also consider signing up for the US Postal Service app that will actually notify you when your payment will arrive in the mail (as a prepaid debit card or a paper check,) complete with a photo of your envelope.

The IRS' Get My Payment app has been known to turn up some common problems. Many have been fixed, but if you run into trouble, it's a good note to keep in mind. And if you're wondering about a second round of stimulus checks, here's what we know so far. This story updates often with the latest news.

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