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How to use Twitter

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Your guide to the bird app.
Ready to start getting tweets right from the source, but not sure where to start? We've got you covered.

We've created a guide to answer all your burning questions about how to use Twitter from how to send a DM to how to schedule a tweet. By the time you finish this article you'll be a Twitter expert.

Follow the steps below to learn how to use Twitter.

How to create a Twitter account

1. Go to Twitter's website

2. Select how you want to sign up. Your options are via Google, Apple, phone number, or email and follow the steps. We will walk you through how to sign up with phone number or email.

Choose how you want to set up your Twitter account. Credit: screenshot: twitter

3. Enter your information. Then select "Next."

Once you enter your information, select "Next." Credit:

4. Twitter will send you a text or email to verify your account

5. Verify your account by clicking the link Twitter texted or emailed you

6. Customize your Twitter! You'll be prompted to fill in fields about your interests, who you'd like to follow, and what you'd like your @name to be.

How to make your Twitter account private on desktop

Choosing to "Protect your Tweets," also known as "going private," might be for you. It means your posts and info will be visible only to followers, and that prospective new followers have to get your permission first.

1. Go to the Twitter website

2. Select "More" on the right hand side of the screen

Select "More." Credit: screenshot: twitter

3. Select "Settings and privacy"

Select "Settings and privacy." Credit: screenshot: twitter

4. Select "Audience and tagging"

Select "Audience and tagging." Credit: screenshot: twitter

5. Select "Protect your Tweets"

Select the box next to "Protect your Tweets." Credit: screenshot: Twitter

How to make your Twitter account private on the app

1. Open the Twitter app

2. Swipe right anywhere and a menu will come from the left side of the screen

3. Tap "Settings and privacy" at the bottom of the…
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