How to Watch 'A Christmas Story' for Free, Even Without Cable
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Have your own marathon that lasts longer than 24 hours.
Photo : Juli Scalzi ( Shutterstock )

For some, an annual viewing (or 12) of A Christmas Story is a holiday tradition. The classic movie provides viewers with a glimpse into what the holidays were like in the good ol' days, when people understood the true meaning of Christmas: that children deserve to get the firearms they so desire. Just kidding—it's satire! Or at least, that was part of Sam Kashner's take in a 2016 Vanity Fair article:

So when A Christmas Story premiered, in 1983, we suddenly had a new kind of holiday movie, one that acknowledged—even relished—the "unbridled avarice," the commercialism, the disappointments, the hurt feelings, and all-around bad luck that, in reality, often define the merry season. In other words, what real Christmas was like in real families. It brought a bracing blast of satire and realism, wrapped up in a hilarious, pitch-perfect tale of a…
Elizabeth Yuko
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