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Everything you need to know to watch Loki, including its release date, release schedule, and what the heck the god of mischief is up to in Marvel's latest show on Disney+.
The next major Marvel TV series is Loki , and it's coming soon to Disney+. Like Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki is a big-budget Marvel TV show that finds actors from the MCU films reprising their roles.

Subscribe to Disney+ to Watch Loki

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When Does Loki Release?

Loki Release Schedule

Episode 1: Wednesday, June 9

Episode 2: Wednesday, June 16

Episode 3: Wednesday, June 23

Episode 4: Wednesday, June 30

Episode 5: Wednesday, July 7

Episode 6: Wednesday, July 14 - Season Finale

Loki Trailer

There's only one way to watch Loki, and that's by subscribing to Disney+. Here's where you can do just that.Loki will premier Wednesday, June 9 on Disney+. After that, one new installment will arrive on the streaming platform each Wednesday throughout the rest of its six-episode run.


What Is Loki?

Marvel's Loki Trailer - Frame-By-Frame Breakdown 33 IMAGES

What Else is on Disney+?

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