'I am a Tariff Man': Can Trump get out of the trade crisis he created?

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fairly difficult
The trade/tariff standoff with China is a crisis that Trump created.
WASHINGTON — Out of all the news this week — the death and funeral of George H.W. Bush, the latest in the Mueller investigation, the political power grab in Wisconsin and the allegations of election fraud in that NC-9 race — maybe the most consequential is the unresolved trade standoff with China.

And that standoff sure looks more problematic than it did days ago.

"Three days after Trump emerged from his dinner with [Chinese President] Xi touting an 'incredible' deal, U.S. and Chinese officials were offering different accounts of whether there was a 90-day deadline for progress in new trade talks, the schedule for China to increase its purchases of American farm and industrial products, and Beijing's plans to reduce or eliminate specific tariffs," the Washington Post writes.

Trump took to Twitter on Tuesday 1) to say he wants a trade deal with China, and 2) to threaten China if he doesn't get his way. "President Xi and I want this deal to happen, and it probably will. But if not remember ... I am a Tariff Man. When people or countries come in to raid the great wealth of our Nation, I want them to pay for the privilege of doing so. It will always be the best way to max out our economic power. We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN."

And this morning, the president added, "Very strong signals being sent by China once they returned home from their long trip, including stops, from Argentina. Not to sound naive or anything, but I believe President Xi meant every word of what he said at our long and hopefully historic meeting. ALL subjects discussed!"

Remember, this trade/tariff standoff with China is a crisis that Trump created. It's also a crisis that he might not be able to solve because he doesn't understand that tariffs mean higher prices for American business and consumers.

Funeral services for George H.W. Bush take place in D.C.

The funeral services for former President George H.W. Bush take place at the National Cathedral…
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