ICO in bid to end cookie pop-ups

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Outgoing information commissioner Elizabeth Denham will call on her equivalents across the G7 group of countries to collaborate on an overhaul of cookie consent pop-ups
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) will today call on data protection and privacy authorities from across the G7 group of countries to collaborate on an overhaul of website cookie consent pop-ups, with the intent of "more meaningfully" protecting web user privacy, and enabling businesses to provide a better web browsing experience.

At a G7 meeting to be held across 7 and 8 September 2021, the outgoing information commissioner Elizabeth Denham will present new ideas on how to improve existing cookie consent mechanisms.

Thanks to their rise to ubiquity across the internet under current privacy regulations, cookie pop-ups have become a lighting rod for online discontent, and when confronted with one, many people are disinclined to click through various menus to make choices about their browsing experience, preferring instead to simply select "I agree" and get on with their day. Denham said this means they were essentially giving up control over their personal data.

"I often hear people say they are tired of having to engage with so many cookie pop-ups," said Denham. "That fatigue is leading to people giving more personal data than they would like.

"The cookie mechanism is also far from ideal for businesses and other organisations running websites, as it is costly and it can lead to poor…
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