In a Book About Trauma, She Hopes to Show What Survival Looks Like
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Fariha Róisín has been working on her debut novel, "Like a Bird," for 18 years, a process she says has been key to her own healing.
"It's really interesting to be part of a vast diaspora but also never feel like anyone's writing about Bangla queer femininity, in a very specific way," Tanaïs, who uses one name, said.

The two writers have since become friends. After reading an early version of "Like a Bird," Tanaïs suggested that Róisín revise passages she wrote when she was younger that felt like a different voice — feedback that helped her see the discrepancy more clearly and gave her confidence to fix it. "It kind of liberated her to trust herself," Tanaïs said.

Zeba Blay, another friend of Róisín's who saw a draft, was impressed by her dedication to the work. "She's someone who kind of goes off into the mountains and then comes…
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