In Netflix short film, Twin Peaks' David Lynch interrogates a monkey
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What Did Jack Do? is now streaming on Netflix, a 17-minute short film from Twin Peaks creator David Lynch. It stars Lynch as a detective questioning a murder suspect who happens to be a talking monkey credited as Jack Cruz playing himself.
It's David Lynch's birthday — the renowned artist turned 74 on Monday — but we're the ones who got a gift. The latest arrival on Netflix is a 17-minute short film called What Did Jack Do? that was written, directed, and edited by Lynch.

Netflix lists What Did Jack Do? under the genres "dramas," "crime dramas," "mysteries," and "experimental movies," and describes it as "offbeat" and "cerebral." If it helps, I can lay out the basic premise for you: A detective (Lynch) grills a suit-wearing capuchin monkey suspected of murder, a crime for which the train station where the interrogation takes place has been put on lockdown. The film's black-and-white look, with dirt and grain in the image, brings to mind Lynch's first feature, 1977's Eraserhead.

While all of that is true, it fails to encapsulate the essence of this bizarre work. Lynch puts the screws to the monkey, and the monkey returns fire with plenty of sass. Credited as Jack Cruz playing himself, the primate speaks through an unnerving visual effect similar to Syncro-Vox, which you…
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