Indiana Quotebook: Ryan Day Believes Ohio State Has "got a Ways to Go," Shaun Wade Thinks Buckeyes "defi
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Ryan Day says Ohio State has "a ways to go" in a "bizarre" year, Shaun Wade thinks this is a championship defense and Baron Browning says "it was definitely a big win."
Ohio State, a three-touchdown favorite, eked out a 42-35 home victory with Indiana coming up short despite closing a 35-7 second-half deficit to make it a one-score game with the ball in the final minute. Ryan Day's team avoided catastrophe and, with plenty of things to work on in the remainder of the regular season, will head into the upcoming week as an unbeaten team that still controls its own College Football Playoff destiny.

"We got a ways to go," Day said. "But we've played four games. It's almost Thanksgiving. So it's just very, very bizarre, and there's just so much that has gone into this season, that these kids have been through, that to the average person, they don't quite get that part of it, they wouldn't understand. But when you're in an environment like this, when there's no fans and you have to bring your own energy, it's just a different dynamic and I think that's why you're seeing so much strange things that have gone on this year. Not making any excuses, I'm just calling it for what it is. "We have to keep growing and get better and learn to adapt to this environment, and it seems to me like whatever the reason is, the last two weeks, we haven't been able to finish that. We came out and scored right out of the gate the second half, I was jacked up, I thought we were going to run away with it. We didn't. So we got to coach better and we got to execute better."

From the jump, Day was ecstatic with how his team played. He saw the energy he hoped for combined with the execution he wanted. That led to the Buckeyes jumping out to a three-touchdown lead by halftime and four-touchdown lead early in the third quarter.

Yet once again, in a sequence that has become all too familiar to Ohio State, Indiana closed the gap in the second half before the Buckeyes could put Tom Allen's team away.

"I'm not sure what happens, but coach Day was just talking about it to us in the locker room," Justin Fields said. "We just have to start finishing teams. We get up…
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