Inside UPS's new plans for flying electric delivery vans
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The Alia-250 eVTOL can hold around 1,400 pounds of cargo, part of a broader plan to reduce the company's emissions footprint.
As UPS begins to convert its fleet of trucks to electric vehicles, it's also beginning to find new ways to shrink emissions from the airplanes that help it move packages around the country. That includes a plan to start using small electric planes that can take off and land vertically—essentially, flying electric delivery vans.

The company announced that it plans to buy new aircraft from Beta Technologies, a startup that makes a vehicle that takes off like a helicopter and then flies as far as 250 miles before recharging. "It's an airplane that has a different set of skills," says Beta founder Kyle Clark. "It can take off and land vertically, and it can fly without the dependence on fuel. Therefore it's much less expensive to fly."

For a company such as UPS, that makes it possible to fly directly from one…
Adele Peters
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