InterSystems announces IRIS FHIR Accelerator Service
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The enterprise-grade server is meant to help simplify the development process for FHIR-powered healthcare apps and to streamline data storage across IoMT, EHRs and clinical research databases.
InterSystems earlier this week unveiled its new IRIS FHIR Accelerator Service.


As developers work on HL7 FHIR applications for different healthcare use cases, they need a way to manage the data that fuel them. InterSystems designed this new service as a fully managed, enterprise-grade server – providing developers a secure and scalable repository for storing and sharing.

The goal of the technology, built on InterSystems IRIS data platform, is to simplify data storage across IoMT, electronic health records and research databases, according to Scott Gnau, head of data platforms for InterSystems.

Key features include authorization and authentication pre-built with OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0 using the Cognito authorization server, which includes intuitive methods to select custom FHIR scopes and allows developers to…
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