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Introducing Redis Launchpad 🚀

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Redis Launchpad is the central place to find example apps that are built on Redis.
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The Redis community has always been at the core of what makes Redis great. Thanks to this group, Redis, for the 5th time in a row, was picked as the most-loved database in the Stack Overflow's developer survey. As Redis's popularity grows, so do the use cases across developer communities, industries verticals, and geographies.

Empowering, growing, and harnessing the power of Redis through a single vision with the love of our community is why we dreamed up Redis Launchpad. Today, we are excited to introduce Redis Launchpad, a hub of 75+ sample applications built by us and you on Redis. Redis Launchpad provides developers and architects an easy, tangible way to find and visualize numerous sample apps that use Redis as a real-time data platform and primary database in one central location. Here you can dive into high-quality sample apps that show different architectures, data modeling, data storage, and commands, allowing you to start building fast apps faster.

These apps come in various languages (JavaScript, Java, Python, etc.), cater to different industry verticals (Financial services, Gaming, Retail, etc), use different Redis modules (RedisJSON, RediSearch, etc), and showcase varying capabilities. You can even drill down and search for individual commands to see how they are used in different apps and different languages!

How can you use Redis Launchpad?

Well, simply hop over to https://launchpad.redis.com and search for any app based on various criteria. Click on the app and you should see a video and detailed description of how that app was built and works. This includes things like data modeling, commands…
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