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2019 has been an amazing year for Singapore headquartered startups with 21 companies raising more than 100M USD in a funding round.
Singapore is recognized as an alpha + global city and an Asian Tiger economy. It is a highly developed country with the 7th highest GDP per capita in the world. Singapore attracts huge foreign investment due to its strategic location, highly skilled workforce, lower tax rates, world-class infrastructure, and no corruption.

More than 7,000 MNCs from the US, Europe, and Japan have their offices in Singapore. Approximately 1,500 companies from China and India are also based out of this island nation.

Singapore is an economic powerhouse and an innovation-driven economy. It is home to over 40,000 startups including 6 unicorns - Sea, Lazada, Razer, Grab, Bigo Live, and Trax. There are 100's of startup accelerators, incubators, and VCs active in Singapore backing the startup ecosystem.

Below is the complete list.

Organization Name Last Funding Amount Currency (in USD) Last Funding Date Sea $1,350,000,000 2019-03-06 Funding Societies $732,152,858 2019-11-27 Ocean Properties $369,535,899 2019-06-18 Frasers Property $351,000,000 2019-07-17 Keppel DC REIT $348,084,081 2019-09-17 MAPLETREE Industrial Trust $290,620,583 2019-09-18 Zilingo $226,000,000 2019-02-11 Frasers Logistics and Industrial Trust $188,332,299 2019-07-30 City Developments $180,611,173 2019-09-04 Kacific $160,000,000 2019-12-06 Yoma Strategic Holdings $155,000,000 2019-11-14 Suntec REIT $146,790,499 2019-04-25 Manulife US REIT $142,700,000 2019-09-22 SPH Reit $120,567,141 2019-11-22 ESR-Reit $114,227,600 2019-03-06 Keppel REIT Fin $110,251,962 2019-12-05 Ascendas India Trust $110,114,048 2019-11-20 Trax $100,000,000 2019-07-23 Near $100,000,000 2019-07-16 Deskera $100,000,000 2019-05-03 Sun Electric $100,000,000 2019-12-06

Here are the top 10 startups, their offerings, and funding details.

Sea is a mobile and online entertainment provider.…
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