iPhone 13 name off-putting, say Apple fans; iPhone (2021) better

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The iPhone 13 name would be off-putting to some 18% of iPhone and iPad users, who would describe themselves as triskaidekaphobic...
– that is, having a fear of the number 13.

The preferred alternative name would be iPhone (2021)…

The survey was carried out by SellCell, which posed the question, "Could naming the next Apple smartphone 'iPhone 13 put you off as the number 13 can be deemed unlucky?"

One in five iPhone and iPad users (18.3%) revealed they would be put off by the "iPhone 13" moniker

Men (24.9%) are about twice as likely to be affected by triskaidekaphobia than women (11.7%)

81.7% said it wouldn't affect their purchase decisions

The preferred alternative name would be to simply use the product name and year, much like Apple does for Macs and iPads.

Respondents were also somewhat underwhelmed by what they've seen of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Only a mere 19.3% were "extremely" or "very" excited about the software update. 28.1% rated it "somewhat" exciting, while a majority…
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