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Is It 'Reddi-Wip' Or 'Reddi-Whip'?

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A glitch in the matrix, or a common misspelling?
"Whipped cream" is spelled with an "H." That's probably the reason why Reddi Wip, a whipped cream product made by Conagra Brands, is often misspelled Reddi Whip. It's also probably the reason why some people claim that the so-called missing "H" in Reddi Wip is an example of the "Mandela Effect."

On Nov. 22, 2021, a video went viral on TikTok that supposedly showed a real-life example of the effect — a term used to describe a population's collective false memory — involving a can of Reddi Wip.

The claim that this product used to be called "Reddi Whip" until there was some sort of glitch in the matrix — a timeline-altering event that resulted in similar changes, such as Sinbad playing a genie in the movie "Shazaam" (not true) and the "Berenstain Bears" becoming the "Berenstein Bears" (also not true) — was not new to 2021. A number of people over the years have claimed that they distinctly…
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