Is the Special Election in Texas 6 a 'Canary in GOP Coal Mine'?
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Texas is turning blue. We know because that's what we're told.
Despite Donald Trump winning the state in 2020 and the 10 Democratic targeted House races all ending up in Republican hands, the state is getting bluer all the time.

We know because… well, if the media tells us Republicans are sinking and Texas is where the "evidence" will appear next, naturally, the race to succeed Rep. Ron Wright, who died of COVID-19 in February, will be the "canary in the coal mine" according to Politico.

If the special election in Texas is any indication for 2022, the GOP's ongoing identity crisis will leave it with a real mixed-bag of candidates in upcoming federal races. Take Michael Wood, who has staked out a position far different from the 22 other GOP candidates in a special election to fill the seat of the late Rep. Ron Wright (R-Texas): He is campaigning against Trumpism, which he hopes will save him rather than be a death sentence, as it is for some who cross the former president. Wood says he voted for Donald Trump in 2020, but after Jan. 6 and his efforts to undermine the election results, Wood flipped. Now, he is banking on a GOP voter base in the rapidly diversifying district in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburbs that is fed up with Trump and looking for something new.

The special election to replace Wright will occur…
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