Jack Kirby's Son Denounces Trump Rioters in Captain America Gear: 'Disgusting and Disgraceful'

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Captain America creators "hated Nazis and hated bullies," Neal Kirby writes
One of the more unfortunate images to come out of the deadly violence incited by Donald Trump last week was the sight of several pro-Trump rioters wearing clothing with Captain America's shield as they ransacked the Capitol.

After all, as more than a few people noted at the time, Captain America is well known for a few things. Like for instance he defends democracy instead of working to overthrow it like Trump's supporters when they interrupted the certification of Joe Biden's lawful election victory. Also, he's a bitter enemy to genocidal fascists, instead of proudly associating himself with them, as a great many of Trump's supporters did during their violence. And of course, he's a patriot, unlike the traitors who started the American Civil War, whose flag several of Trump's rioters waved.

Naturally, fans of Marvel's Nazi-punching superhero were not amused. Fortunately, they'll be pleased to know that according to Neal Kirby, son of comics legend Jack Kirby who co-created Cap with Joe Simon in 1941, his father would wholeheartedly agree with them. In a stirring statement shared Tuesday night by CNN's Jake Tapper, Kirby angrily denounced Trump's rioters who, he said, were examples of everything Captain America — and his father — opposed.

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