Jessie J apologizes for messing up the story of how "Bang Bang" happened
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The singer faced the wrath of Nicki Minaj's fans after claiming she made the approach to be on the song
Jessie J is one of those pop stars who suffers from the Rita Ora effect; you know who she is , but you'd be hard pressed to name some of her hits. Her biggest song to date is 2014's "Bang Bang," in part because of some major company on the track (Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj), but it turns out that the most effective way to make headlines after middlingly-reviewed albums is by inadvertently starting a feud with another rich and famous person. Seven years after "Bang Bang" was overplayed on the radio, we're being reminded the song exists because Jessie J shared some inaccurate details about how it came together.


In a recent interview with Glamour, Jessie J said "Bang Bang" was written by Max Martin, and after the song was played to her and Grande, they decided to collaborate. Then Minaj joined. "Nicki was played it in the studio and was like, 'I've got to jump on this.' We didn't go to her and ask; she wanted to do it," says the singer. But Minaj was quick to correct Jessie J in a…
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