Johnson introduces law protecting infants in foster care
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Aug. 16—COLUMBUS — State Senator Terry Johnson, R-McDermott, this week introduced Senate Bill 216, also known as Dylan's law, which would establish...
requirements the parent of an infant who has been exposed to substance abuse must meet before being reunited.

This stems from a horrible case in Scioto County where an infant, Dylan Groves, was abused, neglected, died and was subsequently discarded in an abandoned well.

"Every little one lost to drug and alcohol abuse is a tragedy. Addiction hurts not just those afflicted — it is a heavy burden for their families and for all of us as well," Johnson said. "Dylan's law seeks to protect infants from further abuse while also providing a path to recovery for parents struggling with addiction."

Before being reunited with their child, parents of substance-exposed infants must complete a course on caring for a newborn experiencing alcohol or drug withdrawal, complete an inpatient rehabilitation program and undergo, and be approved through, a home study.

Upon reunification, parents must also complete several milestones including a visit from a Public Children Services Agency caseworker once a month for three months, regular monthly examinations by health care professionals and regular alcohol and drug testing.

Johnson represents the 14th Ohio Senate district which includes part of Lawrence…
The Ironton Tribune, Ohio
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