Jordan's Prince Hamzeh says he won't obey orders to stay silent, but doesn't seek 'escalation'
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An Israeli businessman said he offered Hamzeh's family the use of his jet to fly to Europe ahead of the crisis.
It was made public a day after an Israeli businessman and close personal friend to Hamzeh, Roy Shaposhnik, said that he had offered the prince's wife and children the use of a private jet to escape Jordan, suggesting that the royals accused by the government of "promoting sedition" may have been planning to leave the country.

"I don't want to move because I don't want to escalate [the situation] yet, but of course I'm not going to adhere when they tell me you can't go out and you can't tweet and you can't communicate with people and you're only allowed to see family," said Hamzeh in the recording. "When the head of the [army] comes and tells you this stuff, it's a bit … I think it's unacceptable, in any form. So now we're waiting for salvation, and we'll see."

The recording, which seemed to start and end abruptly, as if potentially cut off from a larger audio file, was shared by opposition groups on Facebook early Monday morning. They did not specify when it had been recorded.



Hamzeh, the estranged 41-year-old half brother of Jordan's King Abdullah II, has been under house arrest since Saturday, at the same time that the military detained up to 17 additional high-level officials whom it accused of taking part in an internationally-backed plot to harm the security of the kingdom.

They were "individuals who hoped to undermine Jordan's role in the region, and [who engaged in] activities whose goal were to strike Jordan, its stability, and promote sedition," said Deputy Prime Minister Ayman al-Safadi in a televised statement on Sunday.

Among those arrested were…
Shira Rubin, Sarah Dadouch
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