Judge Rejects Defense Request to Remove Jesse Jackson from Ahmaud Arbery Trial

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The defense argued that the presence of a civil rights icon could prejudice the jury.
The Rev. Jesse Jackson, sits with Ahmaud Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, during the trial of Greg McMichael, his son, Travis McMichael, and a neighbor, William 'Roddie' Bryan in the Glynn County Courthouse, in Brunswick, Ga., November 15, 2021. (Stephen B. Morton/Pool via Reuters)

The judge presiding over the Ahmaud Arbery trial rejected the defense team's request to remove civil rights activist Jesse Jackson from the court room during Monday's proceedings.

A lawyer representing one of the men indicted with murder and other crimes in Arbery's death argued Jackson's presence in eyeshot of the jury could bias their deliberations.



"He is, your honor, I think we all know, an icon in the civil rights movement," attorney Kevin Gough told Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley, after the jury had been sequestered.

"And in other circumstances, I think everybody would be happy to have their picture taken, maybe get an autograph, but in the context of…
Caroline Downey
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