Julian Assange's once-secret baby mama describes bizarre life

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Stella Moris, the once-secret paramour of Julian Assange, describes a bizarre world of international intrigue and personal paranoia in a new interview.
"I couldn't explain the situation to friends because my circumstances had become quite unrelatable," the South African native told the Guardian.

"I was in an embassy where the authorities were hostile to Julian and threatening to throw him out; where there was a security company secretly working for the CIA; where I was told not to bring my baby in because it wasn't safe; where my mom was followed. How do you sit down and have a martini and discuss this with your best friends?"

Moris has two children with Assange. Gabriel, 4, and Max, 2, were born in secrecy as the family lived under the protection of the Ecuador Embassy in London. Their covert relationship was made public last year. They revealed details of their lives in a video posted on Assange's YouTube channel.

She is speaking out now as Assange faces…
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