Kaiser, Mayo, Medically Home found coalition to promote advanced hospital-at-home services

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Federal regulators should "put guardrails on, but let us continue the good work," says Mayo Clinic's Dr. Michael Maniaci.
A group of healthcare organizations announced this week the launch of the Advanced Care at Home Coalition, an advocacy effort aimed at creating a pathway toward safeguarding access to hospital-level services.

Founded by the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente and hospital-at-home vendor Medically Home, the coalition says it hopes to work with Congress to ensure continuity of care beyond the COVID-19 public health emergency.

"The advanced care at home model has been the apple of our eye for the past two to three years," said Dr. Stephen Parodi, executive vice president of the Permanente Federation, part of Kaiser Permanente, in an interview with Healthcare IT News.

Because of the public health emergency and its attendant regulatory flexibilities, Parodi explained, "we've been able to jump-start and provide services in the home that include remote patient monitoring."

Those services allow a select group of patients to receive hospital-level care from their own homes, through the use of connected monitoring devices and mobile tools such as iPads.

"The pandemic helped accelerate things," added Dr. Michael Maniaci, physician leader for advanced care at home at Mayo Clinic. "The pandemic winding down is great from a public health standpoint, but we know Congress doesn't want to just open the floodgates" with no virtual care regulations.

The coalition's perspective, he said, is that regulators should "put guardrails on, but let us continue the good…
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