Kaitlin Bennett 'WAP' Tweet

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Discourse around a purported tweet from the right-wing activist about the song WAP and her "white American privilege" included later claims that screenshots of her statements were parodies.
Claim Kaitlin Bennett tweeted: "Yeah, I love my WAP. White American Privilege 🇺🇸😘"

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In March 2021, screenshots of a tweet attributed to "Kent State gun girl" Kaitlin Bennett began circulating in which Bennett interpreted the song "WAP," an explicit and sexually provocative song that has become grist for the far-right performative outrage mill, as "white American privilege":

Very frequently, the purported tweet was shared in screenshot form — leading to Facebook discussions over whether the tweet was satire or a hoax:

In the Facebook comments above, a top-level commenter said of the screenshot:

This is a fake account, she's a terrible person don't get me wrong, but she didn't say that

Another user replied:

You sure about that? I've never seen anything to suggest "kaitmarieox" is anyone other than Kaitlin Bennett.

Another version of the tweet was shared to (and later deleted…
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