Kelly Clarkson just wants the world to love in powerful new song 'I Dare You'
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fairly easy
Kelly Clarkson has released her empowering new song 'I Dare You' with different versions featuring artists from around the world singing in various languages.
Kelly Clarkson wants to play history's easiest game of Truth or Dare with her new song.

As the world continues to lock down in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the singer and talk show host's latest single "I Dare You" serves as a lyrical call to action, prompting listeners to set aside their differences and unite in the name of love.

"You may not have a stage, but you still have a voice," Clarkson urges in the ballad's chorus. "You may not have the strength, but if you have choice, I dare you to love."

To help spread the message amid chaotic times, Clarkson recorded the standalone single in five…
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