Kevin McCarthy's strange real estate saga: A luxury condo in D.C. and a tract house in California
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McCarthy said he'd bet his house the GOP wins next year. But where does he live — and who's paying for it?
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has evidently been living the high life when he's at work in Washington. But back in his home district in Bakersfield, California, McCarthy leads a far less glamorous existence, posing the question of how he affords his luxurious digs in the nation's capital.

McCarthy's home in Bakersfield home is a modest, middle-class residence, a 1,571-square-foot tract house built in 1987, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, that the congressman and his wife purchased in 1996. According to Zillow, the home has an estimated market value around $300,000, and according to McCarthy's 2019 financial disclosure he has a mortgage on the home of between $50,001 and $100,000. Salon is not publishing the precise address but has independently verified the location through public records.


An extensive search of media records suggests that McCarthy rarely or never conducts interviews or poses for photographs at his Bakersfield home. In 2014, when The Brody File sat down for an "at home" interview with McCarthy and his wife in Bakersfield, the conversation was actually filmed at McCarthy's mother's home a few miles away.

Photos that McCarthy has posted on social media, mostly focused on his dogs, suggest that his Bakersfield property is not in optimal condition, depicting chipped tiles, scuffed walls, dirty glass and matted or stained carpeting — the condition of many American homes, no doubt, but a world away from the luxury penthouse where McCarthy has been living in Washington.


For at least the past two months, McCarthy has stayed in Republican pollster Frank Luntz's 7,000-square-foot condo in the Clara Barton at Penn Quarter development in downtown Washington, an immaculate, gilded showplace with soaring marble columns and a sweeping staircase.

As the Washington Post reported last week, "Besides the 'room' he rented, McCarthy would have had access to a 24/7 concierge, a rooftop pool, a fitness center, a media…
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