Kevin Strickland "losing belief" in justice system as he awaits hearing
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Strickland, convicted in a triple homicide, says he is innocent. The prosecutor agrees with him.
It's been 43 years since Kevin Strickland was sent to prison for a crime he says he didn't commit. In May, Jackson County, Missouri, prosecutor Jean Peters-Baker publicly agreed with him.

But the 62-year-old remains behind bars as prosecutors, who want him released, fight with the state's attorney general, who believes he received a fair trial and is guilty.

A new law went into effect in Missouri in August that makes it easier for prosecutors to reinvestigate convictions and ask for the release of inmates they believe are innocent. When Peters-Baker determined that Strickland was "factually innocent," most believed he'd soon be a free man.

"It is important to recognize when the system has made wrongs and what we did in this case was wrong," Peters-Baker said.

But Strickland's court date has been postponed twice. A judge ruled Friday that his evidentiary…
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