LA County Sheriff Claims He'll Approve Up to 400 Percent More Concealed Carry Permits
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fairly difficult
400 percent of zero is still zero, Sheriff.
People wait in a line to enter a gun store in Culver City, Calif., Sunday, March 15, 2020. Coronavirus concerns have led to consumer panic buying of grocery staples, and now gun stores are seeing a similar run on weapons and ammunition as panic intensifies. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)

LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva made what seemed to be a big announcement about the issuance of concealed carry permits in his jurisdiction during a Facebook live broadcast Wednesday. Fox LA's Bill Melugin tweeted the news:

NEW: In a live stream just now, L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he expects to begin increasing the amount of concealed carry permits he issues by as much as 400%. CCWs are notoriously difficult to obtain in LA. @FOXLA — Bill Melugin (@BillFOXLA) June 24, 2020

Concealed carry permits, as Melugin said, are notoriously difficult to obtain in Los Angeles County. Villanueva's predecessor (and current federal prison resident) Lee Baca, issued permits almost exclusively to donors and friends, a 2013 expose found, resulting in only 341 people holding permits in Los Angeles County at that time. By 2017, a report by the California State Auditor found that only 197 people in the county, which has a population of 10.2 million, possessed concealed carry permits.* That number increased to 424 by July 1, 2018, five months before Villanueva took office.

In light of the coronavirus lockdowns, Black Lives Matter riots, and the state of emergency declared in Los Angeles County, gun sales have skyrocketed. People report hours-long lines to get into gun stores and shortages. Understandably, many of these new gun owners are also interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit, and are dumbfounded when they find out they're nearly impossible to obtain.

So, in his Facebook live session, Villanueva had this to say in response to questions from viewers about the issuance of concealed carry permits:

"We're increasing the approval rate on these and it's probably going to go…
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