Labor Under Socialism: Debunking Capitalist Lies
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We bet you've heard right-wing talking heads parroting Thatcher's line: "The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money". Capitalist propaganda claims that most people
are just lazy and the only thing that can motivate them to work and improve their skills is the market system. They accuse socialism of being unprofitable, encouraging people to be "lazy". But is it really so?

Under any system, people consume different material goods produced by the society in order to survive. Under capitalism, these products are bought with money. Therefore, for workers, the motivation to work is based on their dire needs. We work because otherwise we would be poor. The results of labor do not belong to the worker, but to the employer. The wage reimburses only the cost of existence, so that the worker continues to work. The capitalist imposes strict discipline in the enterprise, hires foremen overseers and lies to the worker so that the latter will continue to work even under these bad conditions.

The self-employed work for themselves. Their motivation is also based on need, and those who are doing better hope to become rich one day. Less dependence on the oligarchs and a slightly better situation than being a hired worker is reassuring, but 80% of them go bankrupt without working for many years.

For the capitalists, the motivation to run a business is to increase profits, but in today's environment this motivation no longer drives innovation. Businessmen hire experienced managers and do nothing useful for the society, but get profit. Business empires operate without the owners' efforts, who only appropriate profits and make sure that the managers don't steal some.

Workers produce everything we use, but get pennies for it, while the…
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