Latest in Tech: Logitech Discontinues Harmony Remote; FireFox Stops Support for Amazon Fire
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Logitech and Firefox announced major changes today.
Logitech has gone a long time without any hardware updates, and now the tech company announced that it will no longer manufacture Harmony universal remotes.

Logitech discontinues Harmony remotes

According to TechHive, Logitech's universal remotes have been among the best universal remotes on the market, especially in the recent years.

The Harmony remotes were perfect for home theater users who want a traditional-style remote that can connect almost anything in a living room and a smart home.

However, with massive tech companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon extending their reach into home control and HDMI-CEC connects controls for more devices, the market for universal remotes is more of a niche than ever.

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While Logitech considered selling off the division back in 2013 before keeping it in-house, the product line is now coming to an end, with remaining products sold through retailer until they are all gone.

If you are thinking about picking up a Harmony remote, they are now labeled as "while…
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