Launching Replay: The Time Travel Debugger for the Web!
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After hundreds of user interviews and 2.5 million recordings — we're excited to share that Replay is shipping today! Download Replay and let us know what you think! Replay lets you record your…
Runtimes should be replayable

It would have been simpler to focus on one browser, but we designed Replay's recorder to work across a range of runtimes and platforms from the start. We are also releasing Replay for Chrome and Node in Beta today. Join our Discord channel to share feedback.

Our goal is for runtimes to be replayable: we should be able to thoroughly understand our software no matter where it is running or what language it is written in. We explain how Replay works here and encourage you to check out our Firefox, Chromium, and Node forks on GitHub.

Our Roadmap

Launching today is our opportunity to open Replay up to a larger audience and learn from the community. We strive to make debugging more visual, exploratory, and fun. We can only do that with your help.

Our goal…
Jason Laster
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