Leave It to The Simpsons to Offer Glimpses of 2020

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Fans interpret The Simpsons as predicting 2020's pandemic and murder hornets.
The apparent parallels fans draw from the The Simpsons to actual life are endlessly fascinating, and the current news is no exception.

The long-running animated series has developed a reputation for predicting the future, somehow foretelling events ranging from Greece's debt default to the rise of smartwatches to Bengt Holmström's Nobel Prize in Economics to the election of Donald Trump. Now fans are pointing to one episode that predicted both a viral outbreak and killer bees, an eyebrow-raising glimpse of the events of 2020. Now, one of the show's former writers, Bill Oakley, weighed in on Twitter to offer a tongue-in-cheek admission that maybe the show did seem to predict the events of 2020.

The episode in question,"Marge in Chains", is from the show's fourth season and revolves around a fictional flu sweeping through Springfield and a rebellious crowd demanding a cure for the…
Melissa Locker
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