Lenovo's ThinkPad and Chrome OS Are a Seriously Great Pair

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The best of ThinkPads come to this Chrome OS laptop, along with some speedy new AMD processors.
Lenovo's new ThinkPad C13 Yoga Chromebook has everything ThinkPad fans love—there's a great keyboard, a sturdy, no-nonsense design, and yes, the little red TrackPoint in the middle—but instead of Windows or Linux, it runs Google's Chrome OS.

It's not the cheapest nor the prettiest Chromebook around, but this is the nicest I've used. The 2-in-1 design comes with a built-in stylus, the trackpad has buttons at the top, and there are plenty of ports. If you love ThinkPads and are considering dipping your toes into Chrome OS land, this laptop is for you.

ThinkPad Hardware

Photograph: Lenovo

The C13 Yoga is Lenovo's first time bringing the ThinkPad name to a Chromebook, so it's interesting to see what Lenovo sees as the defining characteristics of a ThinkPad.

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