Livingston County Area Chamber of Commerce Works to Bring a New Virtual Interactive Career Exploration Platform to School Districts and Employers
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Livingston County Area Chamber of Commerce is bringing Nepris to area school district and employers. Nepris is a virtual interactive career exploration platform.
In pursuing the Nepris platform and specifically, the Livingston County branded version, we believe our students will be better able to learn about the many careers possible here in Livingston County.

We hear it every day: "I'd love it for my kids to stay in the area after high school or college, and have a job here but it's just not a likely reality – there are limited jobs and career opportunities here."

Employers across the county share with The Chamber daily, "I need employees, I have jobs that are going unfilled and I need qualified workers."

This is the case across all industries county-wide.

We also hear from educators that students need to hear directly from employers about the skills they need to be successful in the world of work, as well as the career opportunities that exist for them.

It is for these reasons and more that The Chamber is pleased to be working directly with school districts and businesses throughout Livingston County to launch a first of its kind in NYS, career awareness and career exploration platform that directly connects employers on the job site to students in the classroom, in real-time.

"Our mission is to help students expand and explore their career horizons and learn where their interests and skills can take them as they begin to determine 'what I want to be when I grow up,'" stated the Chamber's Education to Employment Initiatives Director, Angela Grouse. "We want our students exploring those options now, when it is at no cost to them; not in the middle of their college experience when that exploration is coming with a significant price tag."

Grouse continued, "The ability to directly connect business and students with career professionals to share a 'day in the life' on the job, and the training, education and pathways for students to move into these fields are critical as we look to fill the pipeline of the future workforce. Young people need the opportunity to ask questions, explore and learn about jobs that may not…
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