Locus Robotics raises $40 million to take its warehouse robots global
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Locus Robotics, a developer and provider of autonomous mobile warehouse robots, has raised $40 million in venture capital.
Warehouse robotics startup Locus Robotics today announced it has raised $40 million, the bulk of which will be put toward accelerating R&D and the company's expansion into new markets, including in the EU, where it opened a new headquarters. CEO Rich Faulk says Locus also intends to launch strategic reseller partnerships throughout 2020, following a year in which its number of customer deployments passed 50.

Worker shortages attributable to the pandemic have accelerated the adoption of automation. According to ABI Research, more than 4 million commercial robots will be installed in over 50,000 warehouses around the world by 2025, up from under 4,000 warehouses as of 2018. In China, Oxford Economics anticipates 12.5 million manufacturing jobs will become automated, while in the U.S., McKinsey projects machines will take upwards of 30% of such jobs.

Locus' autonomous robots — LocusBots — can be reconfigured with virtually any tote, box, bin, or container or with peripherals like barcode scanners, label printers, and environmental sensors designed to expedite order processing. They work collaboratively with human associates, minimizing walking with a UI that recognizes workers' Bluetooth badges and switches to their preferred language. On the backend, Locus' LocusServer orchestrates multiple robots such that they learn efficient travel routes, sharing the information with other robots and clustering orders to where workers are. As orders come into warehouse management systems, Locus organizes them before transmitting back confirmations —…
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