'Loki' brings the MCU's next phase into focus

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With Marvel's movies on hold for the past year, our first look at the future of its wider Cinematic Universe is its newest Disney+ show..
The following contains vague spoilers for the first episode of Loki.

Somewhere in the multiverse is a reality where the world was not put on hold by COVID, and all the hotly anticipated film releases of 2020 and 2021 came out on schedule. Those audiences have already seen Black Widow, Shang-Chi and Eternals — heck, even Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness had an initial release date of May 7, 2021. But we don't live in that reality. Instead, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase IV made its debut on Disney+ earlier this year on the smaller screen instead with WandaVision and now, with the release of the first two episodes of Loki this week, we finally have an idea of where it's going.

You'll need to have seen the first and last Avengers films before watching Loki; the show begins by replaying the relevant scene from Endgame where Tony Stark drops the Tesseract right in front of a captive Loki, who grabs it and disappears. As far as the movie was concerned, that was it — the Avengers had to work out an alternate way to get their hands on the cube, and Loki was quickly forgotten about. Even when Steve Rogers goes to return all six stones to their place in history, no mention is made of the mishap with the God of Mischief, and how it would have affected the timeline.

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The Loki series, though announced before Endgame hit theaters, serves to answer that question. The Avengers didn't have to care about what happened to Loki or the timeline because it wasn't their job to; in fact, any effect they had on the timeline was hand waved away in a ridiculous conversation about movie time travel mechanics. It was meant to be funny, and you weren't supposed to…
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