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Check here every week to find out if there's a post credit scene in any episode of Marvel's Disney Plus show Loki. The Tom Hiddleston series has already offered up some intriguing Easter eggs, so what's next?
Scroll down to find out every week if there's a post-credit scene in each episode of Marvel's Loki.

Spoilers also follow for the second episode, "The Variant."

If you're binging the series, use this guide for quick reference on whether or not any of the episodes have end credits scenes.

Loki, Marvel's third MCU streaming series on Disney+, recently premiered, giving fans a fantastic follow-up to the scheming Asgardian prince's exodus from Avengers: Endgame.

In the series' second episode, "The Variant," Loki came face to face with the destructive, chaotic version of himself that's been ambushing TVA hunters on the Sacred Timeline. This cloaked female Loki, played by Sophia Di Martino, had no interest in overthrowing the Time Keepers, but rather bombing the timeline and sending all of reality crashing in on itself. To what end? We're still not sure. And neither was Loki, who followed Lady Loki through a portal as she fled the scene of the 2050 Haven Hills hurricane.

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Was Loki-Loki really looking for a lieutenant to help him take over the TVA though? Or was he just trying to saddle up to Lady Loki in order to get the drop on her? At this point, it's hard to know where Loki's loyalties lie. You get the feeling he does…
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