'Loki' star Gugu Mbatha-Raw on the multiverse: 'It's going to be mind-blowing'

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw on playing Ravonna Renslayer on the latest Disney+ series "Loki" and reuniting with her old classmate, Tom Hiddleston.
For Gugu Mbatha-Raw, entering the Marvel world with the latest Disney+ series "Loki" was an unexpected class reunion.

"I knew Tom [Hiddleston] previously because we were at drama school at the same time," Mbatha-Raw, 38, told The Post — referring to London's prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, which she graduated from in 2004.

"So, there's a lovely sense of the circle of life and shared experience when you get to work with an actor that you've known for a long time," said Mbatha-Raw, who is based in London.

The two Brits have kept in touch intermittently, she said, but "Loki" brought them together.

"We've seen each other on and off over the years at various events. It was always lovely to run into him and catch up … it's fun as well because ['Loki' co-star Wunmi Mosaku] was at the same drama school, too. And we filmed this during 2020 — which was obviously a mad, mad year for everyone. So, to have that shared experience and old college friends with you on this uncertain journey was very comforting."

Gugu Mbatha-Raw (left) and Tom Hiddleston (right) are classmates turned co-stars. Richard Young/Shutterstock

Now on Disney+ (new episodes out Wednesdays), "Loki" follows Loki (Hiddleston) circa the 2012 "Avengers" movie — when the character's main goal is still world domination and events from subsequent Marvel movies haven't happened to him yet.

This Loki finds himself brought before the Time Variance Authority, a bureaucratic…
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