'Long time coming': Ahmaud Arbery family rejoices as 3 men convicted for his murder

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Ahmaud Arbery's family rejoiced Wednesday following the conviction of three white men for gunning down their loved one, a Black man, as he was running...
through a Georgia neighborhood last year.

As soon as the first "guilty" verdict was read out loud against Travis McMichael, a cheer erupted and the victim's father, Marcus Arbery, leapt up to celebrate.

Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, appeared to be in silent prayer as the verdicts were read. As the first guilty verdict was read, the mother sobbed aloud, "Oh!"

Cooper-Jones' head sunk into her chest as she wept, with civil rights activist, the Rev. Al Sharpton, holding her hand.

Glynn County Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley briefly halted proceedings to restore order and admonish the audience not to react…
David K. Li
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