Lucky 13? Apple sticks to iPhone 13 name for new smartphone series
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For months, the name of Apple's latest iPhone lineup was the subject of intense speculation.
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Is Apple afraid of "unlucky" number 13? Going by the iPhone 13's name, it sure doesn't seem like the bad luck traditionally associated with the number is giving the company any jitters.

Apple announced four new members, the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max on Tuesday, ending months of speculation about whether it'd choose to stick to a sequential naming scheme or opt to go with iPhone 12S instead. In the past, Apple has chosen to add the letter S to its names to indicate an incremental upgrade to a next-gen lineup as opposed to a transformative overhaul.

But here's some trivia for you: At one point the iPhone 12S was the rumoured front-runner for the new iPhone lineup. A January article by seasoned Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman cited company engineers saying only minor upgrades were planned for the upcoming lineup, which will likely be an "S" version of the iPhone 12. Frequent leaker Jon Prosser pointed toward an iPhone 12S too. We've seen Apple use this naming scheme in the past with 2015's iPhone 6S, which superseded 2014's iPhone 6, and again with 2018's iPhone XS, a follow-up to 2017's iPhone X. Still another report predicted that no iPhone 13 hitting shelves next year either: Apple had been expected to leapfrog to the iPhone 14 in 2022, excluding the iPhone 13 from its nomenclature…
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