M1 Mac users report alarming hard drive health readings

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Many M1 Mac users appear to be seeing really worrisome health warnings from their SSDs after only a few months of use, but there's hope this is a software issue that can be patched by Apple.
There are numerous reports from M1 Mac users that macOS is giving out worrying hard drive health reports which could indicate severe life span problems.

From the LTT forums:

Some more professional users of the new M1 Macbooks are experiencing extremely high drive writes over relatively short time. The most severe cases have "consumed" about 10-13% of the maximum warrantable TBW value of the SSDs (given their capacity & using values for equivalent market-available NVMe drives).

2TB 16GB model. 3% used.

That means that for a 256GB model, proportionally, you'd expect ~30% usage.

If this is accurate, some of these machines aren't going to last half a year to 100%.

And that's a 16GB model. 8GB should be worse.

Holy shit. https://t.co/9HcmaYgJPT — Hector Martin (@marcan42) February 15, 2021

M1 Mac SSD update…

Apple, this is NOT okay. Especially as the internal SSD isn't replaceable. The machine is just a bit over 2 months old. pic.twitter.com/xqlSMjxwTa — Longhorn (@never_released) February 13, 2021

The issue of 'TBW', or total bytes written, refers to the lifespan of an SSD. As explained by PC Gamer:

Core to what's going on is the way in which SSDs work, specifically the number of writes they can reliably support. The flash memory on the drives can only be written to a certain number of times before becoming unstable. There are plenty…
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