Macron backs waiving COVID-19 vaccine patents ahead of G7 summit
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French president's stance clashes with views held by other country leaders.
LONDON — French President Emmanuel Macron expressed support late Wednesday for waiving patents for vaccines to help end the coronavirus pandemic, putting France on a collision course with the U.K. and Germany ahead of the G7 summit in England.

In a tweet following consultations with NGOs, Macron wrote that "from day one France has worked to make solutions to the pandemic a global public good."

He added: "Dose sharing, opening up of intellectual property, financing of health systems. It's up to the G7 to get involved!"

An Elysée official confirmed that "opening up of intellectual property" meant supporting waiving patents on vaccines.

South Africa and India have proposed waiving intellectual property protections for coronavirus-related products including vaccines at the World Trade Organization. The EU has consistently…
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